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At Vegas Indoor Skydiving guests will earn their wings and experience bodyflight during a simulated skydive experience in the heart of the Las Vegas Strip. The experience is similar to skydiving with the addition of a mesh trampoline floor and foam padded walls. Guests are able to simulate the freefall aspect of skydiving without the use of an airplane or parachute.

We use a Vertical Wind Tunnel to introduce guests to the sport of Indoor Skydiving. The tunnel produces enough wind to support the weight of an average adult. At Vegas Indoor Skydiving each flyer will attend a brief training class, suit up in all the necessary flight gear, then jump in the tunnel and fly. The entire experience will take about an hour.

This was my first time trying and it was a great experience!

The instructor/trainer was very patient and took me trough the process before hand. I liked that he was very attentive to my reactions and did not push me beyond my comfort level. I definitely recommend this place!

– Zeh S | Google Review
This place is awesome and deserves all of the five-star ratings!

The staff are friendly, energetic, and very professional. My nine and seven year old boys were grinning ear to ear the entire time, and we decided to book another session two days later, which was even more fun. Highly recommended!

– David S | Google Review
It was a fun experience!

The indoor skydiving was really good especially the trainer James. He was very good and made sure we have the most amount of fun while we were there. They say its two minute flight time but it is definitely longer once you are in there. He gives you two rounds of flight and makes sure you are safe. If you are able to balance well, he even gives you a back flip and rounds in the air. If you have never done skydiving and are afraid of the outdoor skydiving, go for this indoor skydiving and you wont regret.

– aashini k | Google Review
Great job working with our adventure loving son and keeping him safe!

They did a wonderful job accommodating our autistic son on his 18th birthday! He is athletic and loves doing physical adventures but he has to balance that love with following safety instructions. They recognized and accommodated his needs and brought in and extra set of hands for assistance and understood when he was acting with excitement and not danger. We felt accommodated and accepted

– Rachelle R | Google Review
This place is so much fun!!

My brother took us for my son's 11th birthday. My son, his cousin, and my son's auntie/my sister in law got to experience the closest thing to flying without having to jump out of an actual airplane or miraculously receive a superpower. They truly do care about your safety and emotional well-being through the entire process. Our instructor, Parker, was the absolute BEST! He made sure everyone had the time of their life. The rest of the staff were also very accommodating, kind, cool, and professional.

– Heather A. | Google Review