At Vegas Indoor Skydiving, we strive to provide our clients with a unique, high-quality body flight experience.


Our weight limits are based on aerodynamics. Guests who DO NOT meet our suggested flight guidelines MAY NOT be able to generate enough lift to fly.

The maximum limits vary for men and women due to the differences in the center of gravity. Men have centers of gravity in their upper chest, which allows them to weigh more than ladies of the same height. Women have a center of gravity closer to their hips. The lower center of gravity is helpful when learning to fly, but it also reduces the maximum weight limits.


Maximum Weight Men Women
 Under 5′ 6″  180 lbs  160 lbs
5′ 6″- 6′  215 lbs  180 lbs
 Over 6′  230 lbs 200 lbs


Maximum Weight Men Women
 Under 170 cm  82 kg 72 kg
170 cm – 182 cm 98 kg  82 kg
 Over 182 cm 104 kg 91 kg


Children fly with us every day. The minimum weight to fly is 40 lbs. Before any child is allowed to enter the vertical wind tunnel, they must attend a safety training class. A parent or legal guardian must be present during the class. This is an amazing way to make your child’s superhero dreams come true!


If you have any previous neck, back, or shoulder injuries, then you are advised not to fly. The required body position and physical activity may aggravate prior injuries.

Anyone under the influence of drugs, medication, or alcohol will not be permitted to participate or sign a waiver for a minor. Yes, this includes just one drink.